Mushroom Identification

NOTE: I am not an expert mycologist, just an enthusiastic amateur with a proficient knowledge of the main edible and poisonous species - it's always important to check with your guidebooks, preferably more than one, as different books provide different pieces of important identification information as to whether what you have picked is what you think it is.

These IDs are provided to be a photographic aid to your own mushroom hunting, as it can often be difficult to see the characteristics of a mushroom from a small photo or illustration in a guide book, especially as some species can vary so much in size, shape, and even colour. 

As you should never identify a mushroom from a picture alone, here are three books that I strongly recommend you buy to get the detailed identification information necessary to be able to positively identify a species;

- Roger Phillips : Mushrooms
- John Wright : The River Cottage Handbook
- Pat O'Reilly : Fascinated By Funghi

If you are going to use the internet to identify mushrooms, steer clear of typing the name in to Google images, as you won't always get images of the species you searched for.  I'd recommend;

Once again, it really is incredibly important that you don't consume anything that you are not 100% sure of its identity.

In alphabetical order;

Poisonous species:

Edible species:

Tawny Grisette  Amanita fulva

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