Friday, 24 January 2014

Sirloin steak with Porcini crust

  Using a rub is a great way to spice up a steak and give it a crunchy, charred crust.  Blitzed fresh herbs, salt and pepper works well, but I've gone for something slightly more luxurious; a lightly spiced Porcini rub.  The combination is a no-brainer really - steak and Porcini, it was always going to be good.

For details on how to make the Porcini rub, see my last blog post: Click here

Drizzle oil on the rub, pat down, and season

Fry on a high heat

Generously pour Porcini rub over both sides of the steak and pat down with your hands.  Drizzle olive oil over the rub and further pat down, making sure there is no loose Porcini rub. Season with salt and pepper.  You want your pan to be smoking hot when the steak goes in so that it cooks as quickly as possible, staying tender and red in the middle.

The chips were made by parboiling the cut potato for 5 minutes, seasoning with a herb salt mixture and roasting until golden.  The green leaf is some Smooth Sow-thistle (Sonchus oleraceus) I foraged, this was boiled for about 20 seconds in with the carrots before draining.  Smooth Sow-thistle has a slightly bitter taste when raw, but this disappears when cooked and it turns in to a very tasty veg.

Although you can't single out the pungent Porcini flavour in the crust once the steak has been fried, it adds a lovely crunch with a spiced, charred undertone - a great way to elevate a steak to the next level.

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