Sunday, 29 September 2013

September mushrooms

No recipes in this post, I thought that a list of the edible mushrooms I've found this September may be useful for those of you unsure about what is out there at the moment. This autumn has been incredible for fungi so far, and, if you'll excuse the double negative, you simply can't not find edible fungi!

(Make sure you know exactly what you're eating, of course - if you're unsure, bin it)

Charcoal Burner (Russula cyanoxantha):

Ubiquitous in most woodlands at this time of the year, particularly with beech. Photo taken 09/09/13

Tawny Grisette (Amanita fulva):

John Wright states this mushroom is very common in small groups, however, I have only
ever found one 'troop' of these mushrooms, the rest have been alone in broadleaved
deciduous woodland. Must be cooked. Photo taken 09/09/1

The Prince (Agaricus augustus):

A rare find. Photo taken 09/09/13

Amethyst Deceiver (Laccaria amethystina):

Photo taken 09/09/13

Bay Boletes (Boletus badius):

As with many boletus, the flesh bruises blue. Photo taken 14/09/13

Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus):

A glut of oysters. Photo taken 14/09/13

Oysters and I. Photo taken 14/09/13

Beefsteak Fungus (Fistulina hepatica):

Photo taken 14/09/13

Hedgehog Mushroom (Hydnum repandum):

Happy with this find - I have usually found them in later autumn. Photo taken 14/09/13

Chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius):

One of the most highly prized wild mushrooms. Photo taken 14/09/13

Field Mushrooms (Agaricus campestris):

Photo taken 27/09/13

The Blusher (Amanita rubescens):

Beware of the deadly lookalike - the Panther Cap. Must be cooked.
Photo taken 27/09/13

False Saffron Milkcaps (Lactarius deterrimus):

False Saffron Milkcaps are just as edible as Saffron Milkcaps. Photo taken 27/09/13

Shaggy Inkcaps (Coprinus comatus):

Perfect young specimens - with age they get very inky and slimy.
Best eaten when like this. Photo taken 27/09/13

Porcini and Brown Birch Boletes (Boletus edulis and Leccinum scabrum):

A great haul. Photo taken 26/09/13

A perfect Porcini. Photo taken 26/09/13 

Parasol Mushrooms (Macrolepiota procera):

A lot of mushroom! Photo taken 29/09/13

And, finally, a group photo. A fantastic afternoon's foraging that was turned into a luxuriously creamy mushroom pasta. In the basket, from left to right, are; Porcini, Brown Birch Boletes, Field Mushrooms (middle), Parasol (top), Shaggy Inkcap (bottom), and, on the far right, some Fairy Ring Champignon (Marasmius oreades).  I had never tried Fairy Ring Champignon before and I have been missing out! They have a lovely nutty flavour and are now definitely up there with my favourite mushrooms - I'll be back for more.

Yum. Photo taken 26/09/13

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